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DCT 3D welding table in September 2018

2 sets of 39X78'' 3D welding tables

U-shape spacer angles setup for cabinets 

3D Octagonal welding table

Available for working together with different Positioners and Tilters. Table working are can be extende by cube case, supporting angles. Mounting hole can be made according to positioner and tilter size.

3D Octagonal welding table

5 sets of U-shape spacer angles

4 sets of 39x39'' modular welding tables with robotics

7 sets of 39x39'' 2DS welding tables are delivered

4 sets of 78x78'' 3D welding tables are delivered 

DCT offers the toughest and most versatile welding and clamping tables on the market. These tables are used extensively throughout Europe and the rest of the world in all industries from pipework to bridge building amongst others. They offer a completely robust and flexible clamping system which is ideal for mass production, batch production or prototyping.