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DCT 3D Welding Table in July 2018


7 sets of 3D welding tables are delivered
The 5-sided design of the welding table allows for easy extension of the table surface for fixturing larger weldments. 

The DCT modular fixturing system features accurate five-sided tables made of high tensile strength steel. Angles, spacer blocks, clamps, positioning and clamping bolts and universal stops can be assembled into a ready to use welding fixture in a matter of hours. 


5x10 ft 3D welding table delivered
DCT welding and jig tables are made for extreme duty metal fabrication. Built to last a lifetime and beyond, these tables are constructed with an extremely rigid and flat, five-sided top surface.

47x94'' 3D welding table with Kuka
 robotics delivered

DCT 3D welding table with Panasonic 
robotics delivered

1000x2400mm 2D welding tables delivered 

2000X1000mm 3D welding table with OTC

39X78'' Hydraulic Lift Welding Tables delivered

 47x47'' 2DS welding tables delivered

39x78'' 3D welding table delivered

47x94'' 3D welding table in Canada

With DCT 3D clamping systems and 3D welding tables, you reach your goals more quickly and generate higher yields. Our daily mission is to meet and even exceed the high standards of our customers.

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