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DCT 3D Welding Table in June 2018


 3000x1500mm hydraulic lift welding table

With DCT 3D clamping systems and 3D welding tables, you reach your goals more quickly and generate higher yields. 

2 sets of 4000x2000mm 3D welding table

With this system, you can set and fix the specified sizes for any work piece quickly and precisely.

2 sets of 3000x1500mm 3D welding tables for Forklift

Cost Saving; Increased Accuracy; Increased Repeatability; Enhanced Safety; Innovative 3D tables and clamping system.

8 sets of 39x78'' 3D welding tables

DCT  is committed to producing the world's finest welding and fixture tables

DCT welding table is economical, Flexible, Patented, Proven! Increased Throughput; Improved Quality; 

Increase your productivity, work quality  and reduce project lead times through more efficient fixturing.

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