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The benefits of China Modular Welding Table



Ultimate in Flexibility
One set of modular tooling can build 100’s of different fixtures, accommodate on the fly changes, plus add the power of computer aided fixture design, and you’ve got the ultimate flexible fixturing solution.

Cost savings
A DCT modular fixture can be built within hours and modified in minutes. A comparable dedicated fixture can take days, even weeks, to manufacture and modifications can be extremely difficult. The ability to reuse modular components day after day significantly reduces long-term tooling costs.

Time savings
Increasing your throughput means more finished parts going out the door. Our customers often report that they have doubled production rates by using a DCT system. With a properly designed system, the fixture is quick to assemble, and even faster to modify should a design change occur.

A typical modular fixture can be designed, built and ready to run the first piece in under an hour whereas dedicated fixtures often require days or weeks to be completed. Rebuilding a modular fixture that has already run parts in the past is even faster, taking only minutes to assemble.


Organized Storage

Organizing your fixtures has never been easier. DCT’s modular tooling can be neatly stored on either a mobile accessory cart or fixed storage rack. When you’re ready to build a fixture, step by step setup drawings can be created so anyone can accurately build the fixture.


Highly Innovative
Thinking outside the box is what our innovative engineers do well (but on occasion they have to think  inside the box as is the case with this modular rollover fixture). Combine engineering know-how with a high quality fixturing system and the results are limitless.

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