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China DCT 3D Welding Table -Frame & Sheet Metal Applicat

With our modular welding table system, you can set up your fittings exactly and quickly in a snap: racks, frames, control cabinets  gates, sheet metal, railings and much more can be quickly and conveniently clamped. 

Sheet Metal
47x47'' 3D steel welding table

This system, for every workpiece you process, allows you achieve quick, precise adjustment and fixing of the target dimensions. During the entire stapling and welding process, your individual weldments are clamped at the corresponding surfaces or points and thus are in the best possible position.

94x47'' 3D steel welding table


A great number of vehicle manufacturers, when it comes to the making of prototypes, rely on the merits of the DCT  3D clamping system. This means you have shorter development times and thus save costs.

94x47'' 3D steel welding table

39x78'' 3D steel welding table

Structural Steel

The sturdy, high loading-bearing 3-D work and welding table is machined on all 5 sides with a regular hole grid pattern. As a result, all workpieces can be infinitely positioned and clamped by the appropriate clamping components of the system using the patented positioning and clamping bolts on the complete 3-D work and welding table. Several 3-D tables can be connected directly together on any of the 5 sides or spacers. This modular system fulfils a versatile function: Place, fasten and clamp.

Elevator Frame
The elevator company focuses on the production of high-quality components for elevators. The adaptability and scalability of the clamping system is crucial for make-to-order production. New, individual set-ups have to be realizable quickly and with the required precision.


Efficiency along with the highest quality standards is also essential for series production. Here the use of DCT 3D worktables is a crucial importance. The highest dimensional accuracy, including for repetitive process steps, and fast fitting of the work pieces form the basis of high-quality and economical production. 

Multiple tables can be joined together to create a base for virtually any size weldment. This fixture required five 4’ x 8’ (1200 x 2400 mm) tables hooked together using short legs for easier access to load and weld the part.

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