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3D Welding Table -Application in Heavy Industrial projects

Heavy equipment manufacturers rely on our tooling on a daily basis to accurately weld many different types of subassemblies ranging from booms to backhoes, from cabs to carriages, and even the entire vehicle chassis itself.

The universal 3D welding table meets all requirements for horizontal as well as vertical applications. With this modular system, setting up your parts exactly and quickly is a snap: cranes, oil machinery, coal machinery, railings, rear frames and so on. 
Oil Machinery


These oil machineries are a true heavyweights. Manufacturing them requires clamping system with extreme load capacities that are flexible combination, mobile and can be positioned automatically. 

This system, for every workpiece you process, allows you achieve quick, precise adjustment and fixing of the target dimensions. During the entire stapling and welding process, your individual weldments are clamped at the corresponding surfaces or points and thus are in the best possible position.

Crane Project

Using the modular 3D worktable and clamping system, this factory manufactures cranes precisely and efficiently. The best accuracy for your large-scale components thanks to an even clamping surface across the entire work area. Thanks to modular expandability the base rail system is suitable for the production of components with a length of 40 meters and more.

Longer parts can be fixtured using tables with special legs that attach accurately to our rail system. This ensures that a table pinned to one end of the rail system is in perfect alignment to another table pinned on the other end of the rails.

The highest accuracy of fit is guaranteed thanks to minimum tolerances. This not only makes the trouble-free final assembly of the individual elements on the construction site easier, it also guarantee safe and smooth operation of the cranes. Thanks to the sophisticated displacement system, the setup times for different types of components are reduced. With the comprehensive selection of accessories, an endless number of fixtures can be realized quickly and safely. 

Mining Equipment Project

They offer a completely robust and flexible clamping system which is ideal for mass production, batch production or prototyping.


Any workpiece can be fixed and clamped on the 3D welding table with locating pins. 3D welding tables can link together against any of its five surfaces. Many customers expect all work to be completed on time, from prototype and sample construction to series production. The short setup and changeover times of this clamping tables give factories a valuable competitive advantage. 

Rear Frame Project

Meeting individual customer requirements demands machinery and equipment that can be quickly adapted in terms of function and size. This is where the DCT clamping systems are of crucial importance. Optimum positioning of the work piece not only makes work more accurate but also more effective. 

D28 3D Welding Tables

Table Load Capacity 5 tons
Table Flatness +/- .0025"
Number of Mounting Surfaces  5
Mounting Hole Size 28mm
Mounting Hole Spacing
Table Height 250, 450, 650mm