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China DCT 3D Welding Table at Essen Fair

Any workpiece can be fixed and clamped on the 3D welding table with locating pins. 3D welding tables can link together against any of its five surfaces. Depending on the unitized models, the welding table can be used in fixing, adjusting and clamping workpieces. Precise In the process of assembling or welding.
D16 78x39'' 3D Welding Table

The universal 3D welding table meets all requirements for horizontal as well as vertical applications. With this modular system, setting up your parts exactly and quickly is a snap: Machine housings, racks, frames, cross members, mounting brackets, railings, stairs, gates, control cabinets, sheet metal coverings and much more.

D28 94x47'' 3D Welding Table

Welding Tables. Economical, Flexible, Patented, Proven! Increased Throughput; Improved Quality; Cost Saving; Increased Accuracy; Increased Repeatability; Enhanced Safety; Innovative 3D tables and clamping system.
D28 47X47'' 3D Welding Table

With this system, you can set and fix the specified sizes for any work piece quickly and precisely. Your individual welded components are clamped at the corresponding faces or points during the tacking and welding process for optimum positioning. Addtional bores in the side stanchion for even more clamping options. 

D16 78x39'' 3D steel Welding Table

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we supply a top class range of Welding Table Clamps. These are extensively used in metalworking, woodworking and construction applications for alignment and fixing work pieces.

D28 47x 24'' 2DS Steel Welding Table 

With the acquisition of a welding table system from DCT, you not only receive solid production equipment but also a reliable calculation base. Using your clamping system quickly pays off. And thanks to the long service life and guaranteed compatibility of the tools with each other, you enjoy reassuring planning reliability. The elaborate and costly storage of conventional fixtures is a thing of the past.

 D28 U-shape Spacer Angle 

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