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3D Welding Table- Stock AVAILABLE in USA


With DCT 3D clamping systems and 3D welding tables you reach your goals more quickly and generate higher yields. Our daily mission is to meet and even exceed the high standards of our customers.

Welding tables come in a variety of sizes to suit your unique fabrication needs. 


Our customer in Canada

1. A 3D welding table is the basis for a fast and accurate manufacturing of welded parts. It is used for positioning of single parts where it ensures the straightness and angularity; furthermore, it minimizes the welding distortion and thus reduces the costs drastically.
2. With this system, you can set and fix the specified sizes for any work piece quickly and precisely. Your individual welded components are clamped at the corresponding faces or points during the tacking and welding process for optimum positioning.
 Innovative 3D tables and clamping system is conomical, Flexible, Patented, Proven! Increased Throughput; Improved Quality; Cost Saving; Increased Accuracy; Increased Repeatability; Enhanced Safety;
4. With the acquisition of a welding table system from DCT, you not only receive solid production equipment but also a reliable calculation base. Using your clamping system quickly pays off.